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It is the simplest of our harnesses especially thought for young people or for those who are entering the driving activity for the first time.
It is available with a breast collar or collar and the colours available are tobacco, black leather and patent leather.
The hardware is made of polished or chromed brass.



It is a harness of excellent craftsmanship. It is equipped with a collar and a breast collar more suitable for sport use.
The colours available are tobacco, black and patent leather.
The buckles are round and made of polished or chromed brass.
The harness can be customized according to request.



It is a very distinguished harness suitable for elegant horse shows, but with characteristics hardware and processing of the different types of leather which differ from the previous harnesses.
It is a sign of style and elegance used in elegant horse shows.
There are 20 categories of buckles which can be simple, round, flat, oval or double and made of polished brass or nickel silver, and then they can also be nickel, chrome or gold plated.
A day time harness can be of any colour (tobacco, Havana or London) while black leather or patent leather are more suitable for the evening.
The reins can be flat, convex or rolled.
The harness can be customized with different-styled monograms.



It is a harness in neo-classical style based on original harnesses of the XIX century. The buckles can be either small or bigger and more impressive. It is rich in decorations and details on the hardware.
All parts such as winkerbraces, brow bands and hames are decorated with designs of neo classical style.
The characteristic of this harness is the possibility of working different types of metal (even sterling silver) with different types and colours of leather hand-stitched in many parts.
This harness can also be customized with monograms or armorial bearings in neoclassical style.


Gran Gala'

It is our most important and most luxurious type of harness. The design is the result of a careful and in-depth study of antique books, period prints and harnesses.
The hardware and monograms are prepared by a sculptor who, first of all, makes wax models and afterwards makes a brass model which is then chiselled and becomes the actual model. This model is melted again by using an antique method called "lost wax" that was once used to make bronze statues.
About 40 different models are necessary for a complete Gran Gal� harness.
When the models are ready the type and colour of the leather and the design are elaborated according to the customer's request.
This harness is rich in stitches, accessories, such as plume carriers with ostrich or marabou feathers of various colours.