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Carriage restoration and dressage

The Moirano saddlery has always restored carriages and harnesses. Giuseppe Moirano learnt this art from a master saddler who worked for some noble families. Nowadays Giacomo Moirano, who is in charge of the restoration, remembers several works done co-operating with the Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Turin.
Infact, in these past years, many historically relevant works have been restored, such as:

  • the harness and carriage belonging to Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • the carriage belonging to Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour
  • the carriage belonging to Napoleon I and used during his incoronation in Milan
  • the harnesses belonging to many kings of the Savoia dynasty
  • the collection of carriages of the Palace of Venaria Reale (Turin)
  • the cardinal's carriage of the Castle of Racconigi (Cuneo)
  • the collection of carriages of the Castle of Masino (Turin)
  • the collection of carriages belonging to the Iselli family of Pavia
  • the interior of a XVII century carriage

Furthermore the Moirano Saddlery has been asked to completely remake the period upholstery of prestigious vintage cars of the early 1900s.
When restoring carriages the style and period of the tapestry and upholstery are kept into consideration (the antique fabrics are mended by skilled workers), while the exterior part is restored according to the customer's preferences.
The restoration world brought us into contact with people of great culture who have always contributed with their advice and suggestions to improve the quality of our work.

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